We are the first company in Latin America member of the Fine Bubble Industries Association, (FBIA)

We are a Chilean high-technology company dedicated to the development of solutions related to the recovery of polluted environments, waste water treatment, disinfection and purification of food, oxygenation and human health among other applications by using Ultra-Fine Bubbles, also known as nano-size bubbles.

Using Japanese technology, a leading country in the research and development of this knowledge, we have developed the first line of Ultra-Fine Bubble generators in Chile. Our products are available for aquaculture and other industries.

We are the first company in Latin America, and one of seven no Japanese, to be qualified to become a member of the Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA), trade association based in Japan that groups and leads the development of Ultra-Fine Bubbles worldwide.

Kran is part of the group of DLC companies


KRAN, divinity of the Selknam culture, native people of southern Chile. God of the sun who represented strength and purity. This tribe managed to inhabit and adapt to the most extreme areas of Patagonia in perfect harmony with nature. In honor to them and to their principles, the name Kran was born.