The use of Ultra-Fine Bubbles has been tested in various industries and its benefits have been proven. Documented studies and tests demonstrate their attributes and effects in a wide range of applications.


from the farming stage to the final destination, Ultra-Fine Bubbles are used in aquaculture to improve fish and shellfish health, as a tool for sustainable production, to ensure food safety and to increase fresh product preservation.

  • Fresh fish preservation

  • Cleaning and disinfection of process plants

  • Shellfish purification

  • Oxygen difussion

  • Recovery of contaminated areas.

Livestock breeding and dairy farming

They are used successfully in the treatment of mastitis, the disinfection of surfaces and equipment and to deliver better quality water in the drinking troughs.


They are used in agriculture as a tool that ensures a lower use of water resources and greater growth of plants as they act at the root level.

Water treatment

They promote the creation of aerobic environments that accelerate the processes of nitrifying bacteria. Ultra-Fine Bubbles, because of their high residence rate, have a long-lasting effect on the water to be treated and are great ion, pesticide and pollutant traps.


From the ingestion of water saturated with oxygen or hydrogen to treatments for chronic diseases, Ultra-Fine Bubbles have endless uses in medicine.


Ultra-Fine Bubbles generate an ideal medium for skin treatments. Because of their tiny size, they can enter both pores and hair follicles, generating deep cleaning.