18 de Junio de 2021

08 June 2021- Ambassador Ma. Teresita C. Daza and spouse David V. Daza together with Consul Dennis John C. Briones, Communications and Information Officer Jeffry Aranda and Special Assistant Paula Rodriguez met with the officials of KRAN Technologies- pioneer of Chilean nanobubbles technology and agricultural/ Aquaculture/ water treatment solutions in Purto Montt. In the said visit KRAN was principally represented by its CEO Jaime De La Cruz Gonzales, Chief Technical Officer Manuel Vial, Communications Officer Fernanda Garreton, and by its team of scientist and experts.

CEO De La Cruz provided a backgrounder of the company, tracing their roots from Patagonia, southernmost tip of Chile, a technology company dedicated to the development of environment-friendly solutions that pioneers the use of ultrafine bubbles/nanobubble on sustainable development and environmental solutions-on the recovery of contaminated environments, aquaculture and agriculture, animal health, water treatment, and disinfection and purification of food oxygenation, He also shared the vision  for KRAN´s global growth and underscored the company´s commitment to the protection of the environment (in line with the UN SDGs), good practices, cost reduction, and green solutions, and to maintain its foothold as a leader in nanobubble technology in South America.

CEO dela Cruz´s backgrounder was followed by the presentation of Chief Technical Officer Manuel Vial on the specifications, service offerings and customized solutions spanning multiple industries. He described Kran´s main business divisions and industries applications in aquaculture, agriculture and water treatment as well as other potential applications.

An ocular visit to the company´s headquarters and production site in Puerto Montt was also made where the reliability and efficiency of Kran machines was demonstrated.



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